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Photographs (Right -Top to Bottom)
                                 1. Helen receives an Honorary Doctorate - circa 1988.
                                 2 - 4. Helen - circa 1939.
                                 5. Helen with her Grandmother - circa 1920s.
                                 6. Helen, before moving to Liverpool, age 6.

                                 (Left) Helen Forrester - 2004.
                                 (Bottom - Left) Rob Fennah & Helen in 1992.
                                 (Bottom - Right) Helen at her typewriter at home
                                 in Alberta, Canada.

      Helen Forrester was born in Hoylake, Cheshire in 1919 and was the eldest
      of seven children. She was the author of four phenomenally successful
      volumes  of  autobiography  and  many  equally  popular  novels.  Helen’s
      memoirs recount the years of hardship that she and her family suffered
      in Depression-era Liverpool, the city that features prominently through-
      out her work.

      In 1950, Helen married her husband, Avadh Bhatia, and moved to India,
      far away from her Merseyside home. They eventually settled in Alberta,
      Canada where she lived for almost sixty years. Helen was awarded an
      honorary doctorate by the University of Liverpool in 1988 and by the Uni-
      versity of Alberta in 1993.
      Helen died in 2011 aged ninety-two and her writing continues to inspire
      readers around the world.
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