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By The Waters Of Liverpool

     Adapted from Helen Forrester’s million-selling book

     A stunning period drama produced by the team that brought
       the smash hit ‘Twopence To Cross The Mersey’ to the stage

     Set in the 1930s after Helen’s father went bankrupt during the Depression, her
     family were forced to leave behind the nannies, servants and middle-class life
     in the South West of England. The Forrester’s chose Liverpool as the place to
     re-build their shattered lives. They were in for a terrible shock. Taken out of
     school to look after her younger siblings, Helen is sick of being treated as an
     unpaid slave. So begins a bitter fight with her parents for the right to go out to
     work and make her own way in life. But by 1939, with Britain on the verge of
     war, Helen, now aged 20, has still never been kissed by a man. However, things
     start looking up for her when she meets a tall strong seaman and falls in love.

                      Fully authorised by the Helen Forrester Estate
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